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Welcome to Envato Castle, The Swiss Army Knife of the Envato’s Keygate Solutions.

  • Are you tired from Monthly Fees Support Tickets Services?
  • Paying $$/Monthly even while your items are Outdated?
  • Paying $$/Monthly for your support team members?
  • Do you want to protect your WordPress projects from being downloaded for free and used by non-buyers users?
  • Do you have Multiple Authors Accounts But you can’t combine the clients of all accounts?
  • Have you ever dreamed with your own organized support forum has a unique design just for you and be terribly sure that every user will create topics in his verified licenses’ forums only?
  • Have you ever tried to collect your buyers and their licenses into your own database?
  • Do you need to increase your website’s rank?

Presenting Envato Castle

Envato Castle is a Smart REST API Keygate Solution WordPress plugin working side-by-side with bbPress WordPress Plugin (On any bbPress theme) to help Envato’s Authors to organize their own support forum as well as Protecting their projects against anonymous use, Collecting their buyers and their licenses in one place.

Envato Castle has its own Custom Post Types CPTs:

  1. Sellers: To Add your Sellers accounts (For Multiple Authors).
  2. Items: Add the projects for each seller and associate with bbPress forums.
  3. Item Category: To organize your projects into categories.
  4. Item Secret Content: A custom list array to be send to your clients’ websites using REST API (also known as Sendback Content).
  5. Users: Will be added dynamically after user verification.
  6. Licenses : Will be added dynamically after user verification.

What Envato’s Authors Can Do With Envato Castle?
  1. Organize bbPress forum by associating your projects with bbPress forums to disable creating topics and replies for non-buyers.
  2. Preventing buyers from submit tickets in non-purchased items’ forums.
    For Example: The project ABC’s buyers Will Be able to create topics in ABC’s forum only while they Will NOT be able to create topics in the XYZ’s project forum.
  3. Protect Envato’s WordPress Projects against anonymous use.
  4. Force buyers to verify their licenses to be able to submit support tickets.
  5. Create your own buyers database.
  6. Disallow/Allow buyers of the same item from replying to each other.
  7. Unlimited Support Team members.

How Envato Castle Works?

A. Organize & Protect the bbPress Forum

Once you activate the Envato Castle plugin into your website, You’ll be able to add your sellers accounts (See Multiple Seller License) and their projects, Then associate each project with its bbPress forum, So all Envato Castle’s bbPress forums will be locked for all visitors but the verified buyers of a certain project.

B. Protect & Activate WordPress Projects Licenses

Envato Castle generates another lightweight WordPress Plugin called Envato Castle (Client) Plugin (Whereas the Client is your Author username) to be integrated into your WordPress project (Theme or Plugin) to connect the main Envato Castle (That Installed in your website) using WordPress REST API to verify your client’s license and receive the current Item’s Secret Content (Defined Below) which allows the client to unlock and use the project’s premium features.

Item’s Secret Content: Is one of the Envato Castle’s CPTs which has a generic array called Sendback Content, by default it’s a list of plugins (You can create your own sendback content using plugin’s filters – DO NOT Worry) to be send to your client’s website after verification license process done successfully, This content will be received by your copy of Envato Castle (Client) Plugin integrated into your project to be installed using TGM Plugin Activation (Or you can perform any other process as you wish).

C. Verify Non-WordPress Projects Licenses

For Non-WordPress developer Authors, Envato Castle has Frontend Pages (Require Registration) to be accessed and your client have to Authenticate his Envato’s buyer account then Verify his licenses done from your store.

Now your client will be able to submit support tickets in the forums associated with his verified items.

What is the Envato Castle (Client) Plugin and How it Works?

Envato Castle (Client) Plugin is a lightweight WordPress plugin prefixed with your Envato’s username to be unique, So the same client can use multiple authors plugins in the same website.

Example: the Envato Castle (Client) Plugin for author Oxibug will be named Envato Castle (Oxibug) and will be under namespace envatocastle_oxibug as well as functions, classes and global variables will be prefixed with oxibug, So there’s no way to be conflict with other authors’ plugins.

So in case a client using a WordPress theme from Oxibug and a plugin Tetoworx, He will be able to use the Envato Castle (Oxibug) and Envato Castle (Tetoworx) simultaneously in the same website with no conflict.

Now Let’s: Start Configuring Your Website