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Create the bbPress Forums

After activating Envato Castle you’ll see a new meta option has been added in the bbPress New Forum page called Envato Castle Options, When you check this option Is Envato Castle Forum? the forum will be locked for all Visitors, Non Verified Buyers and even Keymasters (Unless you choose from the admin options to enable Keymasters to add topics or replies), and enable adding topics and replies for Verified Buyers and Support Team Members Only.

Note: You’ll see in the step Add Author and Supported Items how to associate bbPress forums with your projects.

Add Public forum and Envato Castle forums
  1. From WordPress dashboard go to Forums > New Forum.
  2. If you need to organize your forum Homepage, add a category for each a similar sets of forums, for example add WordPress Themes category to be a parent for all WordPress themes you have in Envato’s Market.
  3. Add a new forum with your first item, for example Newark and check the Is Envato Castle Forum? post meta on the right, This option will lock the forum against all visitors and allow Verified Buyers of this item only and Support Team to create topics and replies.
  4. NOTE: Use Order input meta to organize your categories and forums.
  5. Repeat the steps from 2:4 for all your items.
  6. You may need to add a Public Forum (DO NOT Check Envato Castle Forum Option) to allow your visitors to add a questions instead of your comments page.
  7. Now, You need to make your forums in the Frontpage so from the left pane choose Page > Add New.
  8. Enter the bbPress shortcode [bbp-forum-index] and Save.
  9. From the left pane go to Settings > Reading.
  10. Check A static page (select below) radio option and the select the page from the dropdown list, Then Save Settings.
  11. Go to your Homepage to see all forums you created and try to open all of them to make sure that you cannot post topics in all forums other than the Public Forum.

Note: If you need to allow all Keymasters from creating topics and replies in any forum without assigning them as a Team Member.

1. From the dashboard left pane, Go to Envato Castle > Settings
2. Select bbPress from the left tabs.
3. Uncheck the following options.

– Create Topics: Restrict Admins but Support Team?
– Add Replies: Restrict Admins but Support Team?