ZBest Body Wrapper

Main Demo

Check the Travelers demo, then scroll down to check out the Minimalist and other demos and don't forget to see all features available.

Theme Demos

We're helping you to imagine your blog's new look
Minimalist Demo
Food Blog
RTL Demo

Blog Styles

Eight "Main" Styles available for blog page, But you can customize it to get over 25 styles, JUST checkout the different demos available in Home menu in any demo site AS WELL AS you can assign different sidebar & page layout for all.
1st / Grid / Horiz Metabox
Grid 2 Cols / Image
1st / List / Horiz Metabox
Classic / Horiz Metabox
1st / Grid / Post Formats
Grid 2 Cols / Post Format
1st / List / Post Formats
Classic / Vert Metabox
1st / Grid / Vertical Metabox
Grid 3 Cols / Post Format
1st / List / Vertical Metabox
Classic / Full Width

Header Styles

You're free to switch all the following features OFF or ON
Top Menu / Social Icons
Top Menu / Social > Logo
Bottom Menu / Social > Logo

Slider Styles

You can customize all slider Fonts, Options and Colors
No Slider
Multi Slides / 2
Single Slide / Content Width
Multi Slides / 3
Single Slide / Full Width
Multi Slides / 4

Featured Box

Customize the featured box underneath the Homepage slider as you wish by selecting Certain Posts or Custom Links
No Featured Box
Style / Slides
Style / Grid